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Custom Foam Fabrication

Engineered Foam Assemblies, Inserts, and Cushioning Systems

  • Foam Caps
  • Foam Assemblies
  • Plain Pads
  • Case Inserts
  • Die-cut Pads
  • Bars and Pads for Blocking
  • Floater Base/ Shock Pallet Cushioning Systems
  • Floater Skids and Feet


Foam Buyer’s Guide

Foam packaging designed and manufactured to protect your product

Foam packaging has a profound impact on the reliability of your shipment. Fabricated foam can be designed to fit any cavity such as a corrugated or plastic box, hard case, or ATA case. Protection is the most important consideration of a foam packaging system and is affected by the equipment or product’s weight, geometry, fragility, and sensitivity. The design, amount, and type of foam are important decisions to provide the correct amount of shock protection during drops, vibration protection during transit, and abrasion resistance. A foam packaging solution should also include other benefits such as organizing multiple parts and offering an attractive and easy-to-use product presentation that reflects the quality of your brand.

The right choice for custom foam for packaging

LPC has extensive experience designing and manufacturing foam packaging for applications ranging from simple end caps to complex cushioning systems for server racks and industrial equipment. We specialize in fabricated polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, and related foam structures that have been die-cut and assembled by heat seal, cold spray, or hot melt adhesives. LPC maintains an in-stock inventory of many types of foam and can design and fabricate foam packaging on short notice in virtually any quantity.

Save time, operational expense, and reduce headaches – work directly with a foam manufacturer with state-of-the-art machines like our WARDJet waterjet cutter.

All LPC foam products are designed and manufactured in the USA in our Milpitas, California facility, where we’ve invested in state-of-the-art equipment and developed lean manufacturing capabilities and an operational team to fabricate complex foam solutions fast.

These capabilities include a high-speed state-of-the-art WARDJet J-106 waterjet cutter that enhances our ability to manufacture foam sets fast while maintaining exceptional quality. The WARDJet J-106 waterjet cutter excels at cutting common packaging materials such as polyethylene foam, neoprene, polyurethane foam, ABS, PVC, PVC foam, HDPE and plywood at lightning speeds. For you, this means:

Wardjet water cutter machine

Greater quality. No more foam insert material deformation (a common CNC machine problem!).

Greater capabilities. Fast, fully automated production of complex pieces that require chamfers and bevels (lots less hand-gluing and assembly).

Greater speed. One-pass production that is as much as 50% faster than foam fabrication on standard CNC machines.

LPC can meet your timetable with short lead times and quickly resolve any unanticipated issues if they arise. As your packaging partner, we will work beside you and your other partners to create a seamless supply chain and get your product to market.

Learn more about the capabilities of our WARDJet J-106 waterjet cutter and see it in action here.

LPC — Your Packaging Partner

Fast and Reliable Service

Even on short notice, we have the production, materials capacity and access to specialty vendors to manage large scale orders.

Precise engineering and expertise

We construct custom products specially designed to the exact dimensions and requirements of your hardware.

Safe and secure shipping

Our custom packaging and foam solutions are built to withstand harsh shipping environments where safe handling is anything but guaranteed.

Unmatched supply chain support

Our team of experts is committed to seeing that each packaging shipping experience is efficient and worry free.

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