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We recover, re-use & recycle to save costs and preserve the environment

Sustainable packaging and manufacturing

We are committed to controlling the environmental footprint of our packaging and manufacturing activities. Initiatives range from adopting the latest technology and low-impact manufacturing processes to developing reusable packaging designs made from responsibly sourced and recyclable materials.

We also have strategic partnerships with companies like Sealed Air from whom we source high recycled content polyethylene foam with a certified minimum 65% recycled resin content.

Our serious commitment to recycling & refurbishment helps our clients’ save millions of pounds of waste that would otherwise end up in landfill and a ton of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Our sustainability drive
delivers real results

Refurb & reuse

Crate reuse


lbs per crate

Reusable crate waste saved from landfill vs using a oneway disposable corrugated solution and wood base

Crate refurb & reuse


lbs so far over program life for one

Scrap & other recycling

Wood Waste (Grinds)


lbs per year

672 tons repurposed wood waste byturning into particle board and fuel

Polyethelene to Sealed Air to suppliers


ft3 per year

Reground into PE pellets and used for recycled foam

Corrugated Recycled


lbs per year

58.9 tons of corrugated recycled

Polyurethane Foam Recycling


lbs per year

3.24 tons of PU turned into
carpet backer

Steel & Aluminium Metal Recycle


lbs per year

14 tons of metal waste and nails recycled

Energy & efficiency

LED Light Conversion


KWh per year

Savings in electricity & reduction in hazmat going from fluorescent to LED lighting

Saving 10.6 tons of CO2 per year

Solar Generated Power


KWh per year

Saving 128 tons of CO2 per year

Four ways we drive packaging efficiency and sustainability

Design Efficiency for Packaging Re-use

  • Design Efficiency for Packaging Re-use
  • Light weight hybrid packs to save material and freight fuel
  • Promote and design or the use of reusable packaging
  • Repair & refurbishment service to extend packaging life

Recycle & Reduce

  • Pallets and lumber trims ground to sawdust/woodchips
  • Sierra Pine (Ampine) urban wood waste recycling
  • Magnetic nail and steel element removal
  • Foam scraps pellitized and reused
  • On-site baling of corrugated and other packaging recycled
  • Reduction of paper via paperless office, electronic invoicing, etc.

Responsibly Sourced

  • Sourcing of raw materials locally where possible to reduce transport
  • Priority sourcing from companies with similar environmental goals
  • Focus on recycled raw materials for packaging
  • Use Ethafoam® and Stratocell® recycled resin PE foams whenever possible

Clean Energy & Water

  • New efficient equipment and installation of high-efficiency motors to our equipment
  • Onsite electric vehicle charging Replacing old fleet with new propane and electric lift trucks
  • New, more fuel-efficient delivery trucks
  • The elimination of water consuming equipment (resaw, etc)
  • Treat stormwater with bioswale/bioretention
  • 189 kW top-of-the-line rooftop solar power
  • Sensor-activated LED lighting

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