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What our customers are saying

Efficient and user-friendly packaging enables seamless bot move to new office

We just used your packaging to move ~25 bots to our new office. It was mostly my team (Mechatronics) that packed and unpacked them, so this was their first time using the packaging. I got lots of positive feedback about how easy, intuitive, and streamlined it was, and it only took us maybe 3 hours of packing/unpacking to move all the bots. So far the bots have all made it safely over, thanks to your great design and hard work. 🙂

Noam Anglo | Mechatronics Engineer

Positive feedback and strong partnership acknowledged during facility visit

Filmetrics expressed an interest in visiting our facility to see how their packaging products are made. Today Abi Hanson (Procurement Specialist) and Stacy Wiggins (Materials Administrator) visited us. Jason gave them a tour of the facility and showed them several of their products in various stages of production. They very much enjoyed the tour.

Abi stated, “LPC is one of just few suppliers she deals with that she does not have to babysit or follow-up on”. She said, “when she sends us quotes or orders, she knows she can file things away on her side and move on”.

Abi also noted if they ever have an issue, LPC is very responsive, and they really appreciate that. She said we’ve performed a few miracles for them in the past too so they know they can count on us.

Abi | Filmetrics

LPC’s flexibility, creativity, and expertise lead to outstanding product quality

The LPC team was very flexible and creative, providing the ground for a very good collaboration with TMT. Larson engineers showed critical insight and expert understanding to make this work, and they delivered a very-high quality product.

Ben Gallagher | TMT M1 System Lead Engineer

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