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Protective packaging solutions for faster turnaround times, simplified coordination, and a frictionless vendor experience

Full-service custom industrial packaging: in-house and on-demand

We can do this as we are a complete, full-service custom-packaging inhouse manufacturer (not a distributor or consultant).

We carry a large raw materials inventory in our twin modern, high-capacity production plants with state-of-the-art capabilities. And we’re a foam manufacturer, meaning we can design and manufacturer foam cushioning inserts to better protect and organize your equipment.

Most importantly of all, we back it with a talented design team and empowered customer service team for immediate action and rapid solution development.

The smart and experienced inhouse LPC design team designs and prototypes packaging according to strict engineer standards
LPC designs and manufactures a full line of products all under the one roof including wooden crates

Our service

4 hours

Avg. quote turnaround time

<1 hour

Customer service email response


Phone answered by a human (no automation)


Net promoter score


On-time customer case resolution (holding to high standards)

Our performance


Delivered in full ontime (26% delivered early)


First pass yield (measure of quality)


2-year customer retention rate

1-3 days

As little time it takes to go from design and prototype to finished precision packaging in your warehouse

Our savings


What we’ll pay you of the quoted price for every day we’re late on expedited orders (standard orders 15%)

$250K p.a.

Estimated typical client admin savings. Up to $650k in total savings. 3 fewer FTE admins required

>$40 billion

Value of products shipped with zero damage

We’re big enough to solve any packaging challenge, yet small enough to care about you, our customers

We offer a total customer packaging solution from concept and prototyping to manufacturing and delivery of custom industrial packaging to your warehouse. No middlemen, no outsourcing, and no excuses as the buck stops with us.

This means we can solve real (and costly) protective packaging problems for expensive and fragile industrial equipment that others cannot—or will not. And we deliver packaging projects in a matter of days when it takes other weeks.

Product damage
  • Less chance of in-transit damage
  • Lower returned goods and repair cost
  • No missed deadlines or upset customers
Ease of use
  • Toolless
  • Packing and unpacking is simple and predictive
  • Delivery becomes faster
  • Total delivery cost is lower
Multiple use
  • No material waste
  • Lower cost per trip
  • Increased long-term TCO
  • Environmentally sustainable
Admin cost and hassle
  • Lower internal staffing cost for packaging designers and procurement officers
  • Reduced warehousing and inventory management costs
  • Streamlined production coordination costs

We offer fast turnarounds

We can do in days what it takes other packaging suppliers’ weeks (if not months) to do.

We’re more than just a packaging supplier

We help you optimize your packaging for performance, usability, presentation and cost for maximum results and savings.

We are the manufacturer

We are not consultants, distributors or middlemen. We design and manufacture everything inhouse for faster lead times and total control.

We are molded case custom foam insert experts

We can design a foam cushion insert to better isolate and protect your individual parts or sub-assemblies as well as improve access to equipment through better organization. We can even protect class A surfaces from shock and vibration.

We follow the ‘no asshole’ rule

We are approachable people with a culture of integrity. We have an unrelenting commitment to do the right thing by our customers and deliver a frictionless vendor experience.

We invest in our people

We invest heavily in training and empower our team members with a flat, integrated management structure that empowers them to make fast, accurate decisions for a seamless vendor experience.

We offer the Smart. Packaging. Fast. Guaranteed! Program

We understand speed to market is critical. Delays can cost dearly. With the need to get products out ever faster and more frequently, the stakes are only getting higher. Enjoy peace of mind with a guaranteed ship date OR we pay a penalty.


We solve real problems

We solve real (and costly) protective packaging problems for expensive and fragile equipment that others cannot — or will not.

We save you serious money

We reduce the complexity of packaging administration and help streamline packaging management for tens of thousands of dollars savings.

We are Pelican and SKB dealers

We are a full technical dealer of Pelican-Hardigg cases (one of only a few nationally) and an official authorized technical dealer of SKB. This means we know the product and can support it.

We are Pros not Bros

We do more than just talk a good game and rests on past laurels. We are a professional outfit that work hard to forge real relationships built on results (not hype).

Let us solve your packaging problems