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Protection-maximizing packaging solutions for Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles

We understand the unique challenges of robotics and autonomous vehicles

The packaging requirements for robotics and autonomous vehicles are diverse and wide-ranging.

You might need to ship large, heavy and awkward-sized robotic equipment weighing hundreds of pounds that will require a large, reinforced crate with custom-designed shock dampeners and extra bracing, or telepresence or logistics robots that need special handling characteristics and can use hybrid crates. Or, all you need could be a small box for lightweight LiDAR parts or camera lenses, but it must have specialized foam cushioning system to provide comprehensive protection from electrostatic shock, and in-transit vibration and buffeting.

Our industrial packaging engineers are specialists in designing custom packaging that accounts for heavy, oddly shaped robotics and autonomous vehicles, and meets the unique protective demands of sensitive or potentially hazardous accessories such as batteries and controllers.

We also have a great deal of experience in collaborating with startups and smaller companies in this sector who are still grappling with the true protective requirements of their packaging. We can work closely with them to design the right packaging that incorporates hybrid materials that enables easy loading and unloading while also providing the right level of in-transit protection.

This includes the use of electrostatic discharge (ESD) foam packaging to protect delicate electronic components from ESD damage and maintain product quality and reliability during transit. We can advise you on what foams to use in order not to leave marks, imprints or cause unintentional damage.

We are equally skilled at designing specialized custom foam and wood contours to cradle and support odd-shaped components and protect delicate surfaces. We can also design and manufacture many other useful packaging additions such as ramps, hinges, rolling castors, shock mount floater bases, viewing ports, lids and toolless crates that need (as the name suggests) no specialist tools to pack and unpack.

Quality assured

All of our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001:2015 certified

Any shape or size

Specialist expertise in protective packaging to support extremely sensitive, fragile, and odd-shaped equipment


The right materials for protecting against electrical shock and discharge

Complete foam solutions

All cushioning systems and materials such as foam and wire rope isolators

We design and customize to protect and transport all all types of robotic and autonomous vehicle equipment

  • Articulated Arm/Hand
  • Vision Sensor Devices
  • Drones
  • Visual/Augmented Reality Devices
  • A.I. Teleoperated Robots
  • Autonomous Robots
  • Humanoid Robots
  • SCARA Robots
  • Industrial Robots
  • Telepresence Robots
  • Logistics and Warehouse Robots
  • Delivery Robots

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