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Comprehensive packaging protection against the elements for Ocean and Marine Sciences

We understand the unique challenges of ocean and marine sciences

Salt, sun, water, wind, buffeting and other extremes — these are all normal challenges for companies and organizations working in the marine sector and ocean science. Our design team is familiar with the packaging and storing protections that’s regularly needed for gear to endure extreme conditions onboard ship and at sea.

Does the vessel transporting the packed equipment impose cargo height and weight restrictions that could prevent the load being accepted, or easily fitting on deck or in the storage hull? What will happen to the packaging once the equipment is deployed or unloaded? Does the crate or case need to be reusable or easily disposed of when back in port?

Our work with the US navy and organizations such as the University of California, San Diego Department of Environmental and Ocean Sciences have made us well-accustomed to determining the answers to all these critical questions (and many more besides).

Our engineers can work with you to customize and optimize a packaging design to meet the individual size, shape and weight requirements of the shipping company while ensuring it remains fully capable of withstanding damage that can be caused by salt, corrosion, moisture and extremes of temperature.

Highly robust water and corrosion-resistant crates and boxes with a space-optimized footprint is specialty.

We can also apply our expertise as one of the USA’s few full technical dealers for Pelican-Hardigg cases and an authorized technical dealer of SKB Cases to customize a hard case with precision-cut cushioning to protect and organize highly sensitive instrumentation, testing gear, and weather analyzers, or even add built-in external charging points without compromising dustproofing and water resistance.

Quality assured

All of our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001:2015 certified

Design standards

We know Mil-Spec standards and other naval requirements for marine protective packaging


The right materials for protecting against moisture penetration and salt corrosion

Complete foam solutions

All cushioning systems and materials such as foam and wire rope isolators

We design and customize to protect and transport all types of marine equipment

  • Submersibles and Watercraft
  • Unmanned Underwater Drones and Robots
  • Deep Sea Drilling and Measuring Equipment
  • Buoy and Marker Recovery
  • Flotation Devices
  • Remote Controlled Devices
  • Sonar and Rack-Mounted Equipment
  • Underwater Cameras and Lighting
  • Instrumentation
  • Weather Analyzers
  • Testing Equipment and Kits

Case studies

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