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Tough, cost-effective protective packaging solutions for Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure

We understand the unique challenges of Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure

Cloud and data center infrastructure is expensive. It’s critical it ships and arrives to destination with zero damage. But with racks now commonly being shipped fully configured and weighing up to 3,750 lbs, this is easier said than done.

Our design engineers are familiar with the packaging requirements for transporting populated rack systems of any size, from smaller format chassis in box and foam or hybrid crates to 8-foot-tall, 4,000 lbs 48Ut units that require full rack crates with or without integrated or separate racks.

That means we’re experts at taking your particular requirements — from the presence or absence of doors and the structural fragility of your server to the nature of the cable management and even the loading and unloading capabilities at your facility — and translating them into a cost-effective plan that incorporates the features necessary to maximize protection to properly secure your payload and facilitate the safe loading and unloading of your equipment.

Convenient, fast-to-load toolless rack crates incorporating custom high-tech engineered foam with a inch-perfect precision fit is our speciality. We apply cushion curves to our designs and utilize high-performance foams to ensure there’s no in-transit foam creep that can result in damage or collapse. In addition, we have the capabilities to engineer ramps, foam support, and anti-shock floater bases and blocks and braces that further streamline loading and unloading.

We design and manufacture to Mil and ASTM standards as the quality baseline for all our rack crates and can manufacture both single-use crates and reusable crates to reduce your packaging cost-per-trip. In some instances, we may be able to substitute your current crate with a wood and corrugated hybrid that offers the same shipping protection as wood but a reduced weight and manufacturing cost.

Custom server crating

Toolless, shock and vibration protection, reusable rack crates

Custom shock and vibration solution

Floaterbases, supports and inserts made from Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Polypropylene, Anti-static and Cross-linked foam

Technical Packaging Dealer

Application-specific Pelican-Hardigg and SKB Case solutions

Case and crate customizations

Custom wood and hardware inhouse fabrication of cradles, brackets, inserts and supports

We design and customize to protect and transport all types of fragile and sensitive electronic equipment

  • Up to 48U Server Racks
  • Test Equipment
  • Monitors
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Network Attached Devices
  • Routers
  • Media Servers
  • Populated and Unpopulated Racks
  • Fiber Optics Repeaters
  • Universal Power Supplies
  • Hot-Swappable Devices
  • Networking Switches

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