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Mission-enabling protective packaging solutions for Military, Defense and Munitions

We understand the unique challenges of military, defense and munitions

Defense industries face unique packaging challenges ranging from the need to rush sensitive equipment over difficult terrain and long distances to requiring highly ruggedized packaging that can safely endure long storage periods and resist tampering. Yet offers operators fast, practical access to the equipment it protects during field exercises or wartime while remaining protected and organized.

Our engineers can customize packaging to meet the particular fragility, use, size, shape and weight requirements of what’s being shipped while also making it capable of withstanding damage caused dust, corrosion, moisture and extremes of temperature.

We can also apply our expertise as one of the USA’s few full technical dealers for Pelican-Hardigg cases and an authorized technical dealer of SKB Cases to customize a hard case with precision-cut crates or cushioning to protect and organize sensitive munitions or gear such as controllers and batteries for drones. We can even add built-in external charging points without compromising dustproofing and water resistance.

Our engineers are familiar with all key DoD specifications including DLAR 4145.7 Packaging of Materials, ASTM D3951 Standard Practice for Commercial Packaging, DLAR 4145.04 DoD Stock Readiness Program and the various Mil Standards such as MIL-STD-129, 130, 147, 1686, 2073 and 3010.

Or we can work with you to produce fit-for-purpose commercial off-the-shelf technology (COTS).

Our team is expert at government paperwork and processing — and certified — so you don’t need to worry about having an issue and can focus on your project.

We are ITAR registered and boast a NIST SPRS assessment score of 104 out of 110 on the scale used to gauge adherence to NIST’s Special Publication 800-171 requirements for manufacturers operating within supply chains tied to government contracts.

And we understand the specialized program management and tendering requirements (such as strict quality clauses or fixed price inputs) of primes and tier one and two suppliers that operate under large government contracts and can work with industry to support their bids for government work.

Full line of products

Designed and manufactured/converted all under one roof — crates, pallets, ATA and molded cases, corrugated and plastic boxes

Technical packaging dealer

For Pelican-Hardigg and SKB Case solutions

Custom shock and vibration solutions

For supports and inserts made from Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Polypropylene, Anti-static and Cross-linked foam. Wire-rope and Polymer isolates.

Case and crate customizations

Cradles, wheels and casters, handles, inspection ports, hardware, colors, and reusable designs

Pertinent codes and data

  • NAICS: 321920, 322211, 326150, 326199
  • CAGE: 0GK01, 3FWK7
  • DUNS: 11-764-4555, 04-371-9921
  • Standards:
  • A-A-59135, A-A-59136, PPP-C-1752, PPP-B-601, PPP-B-621D, MIL-DTL-197K, ASTM-D-6251, ASTM-D-6256, ASTM-D-6880, MIL-B-2427, MIL-DTL-2845, ASTM-D-6039, MIL-C-104C, ASTM-D-7478, MIL-STD-2073, ASTM-D-6199, PPP-B-621D, MIL-STD-731, PPP-B-576, MIL-HDBK-304, MIL-B-26195C, MIL-STD-1186, MIL-HDBK-701, MIL-STD-810
    ITAR, RoHS, REACH, and EICC compliant

We design and customize crates and hardcases to protect and transport all high-value, fragile and sensitive military, industrial and technical equipment

  • Military Cases and Crates
  • Guns, Rifles and Grenade Launchers
  • Tactical and Special Forces Gear
  • Security Systems
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Ruggedized Laptops
  • Secure Printers
  • Portable Lighting
  • Drone Cases
  • Satellites
  • Foam Saddles, Cradles, Cushions, Protection and Dunnage
  • Munitions and Armaments such as Missiles, Anti-Tank Weapons and other types of Artillery
  • Oceanographic Equipment
  • Communications Systems
  • Ordinance
  • Mobile Medical Supplies
  • Mobile Field Desks and Monitors

Case studies

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