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More kit in a smaller case

A military contractor was in need of Pelican cases that could securely transport a number of weapons. The customer was also looking to reduce the amount of space taken up by the cases, as they are limited on cargo space.

Although there are case solutions to hold specific weapons, the customer was looking to kit these weapons with a number of other items. One case was to hold rifles, shotguns, pistols, suppressors and an equal amount of optical devices.


We redesigned the interior foam insert to change the packing orientation of the weapons. This subtle yet important design change allowed us to fit more gear into a smaller Pelican case with the added benefit of improved case organization and user ergonomics.


The customer was pleased with the results. The new Pelican case was able to fit all of the required weapons and was also much smaller than previous cases. This allowed the customer to save space and money on transportation costs.

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