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For faster turnaround times, simplified admin coordination, and a frictionless vendor experience.


We solve real (and costly) protective packaging problems while meeting the tightest deadlines

We are a complete, full-service custom industrial packaging manufacturer, not a distributor nor a consultant.

We carry a large raw materials inventory in twin modern, high-capacity production plants that have state-of-the-art machining capabilities.

And we’ve assembled talented designers and empowered customer service personnel for rapid, responsive solution development.

It’s how we solve challenging (and costly) protective packaging problems for transporting expensive and fragile industrial equipment that others cannot — or will not.

Plus, we guarantee we will hit shipping dates. In the vanishingly small event that we fail, we pay you a penalty fee.


Packaging redesign saves $200k+ p.a.

A simple packaging redesign and optimization cut transhipment damage costs by $200,000 for this Californian robotics manufacturer, and reduced packing time from 30 minutes to just 3 minutes. The new packaging program runs with less than 1 FTE focused on the packaging, which allowed the customer to redeploy headcount and focus on their core business.

Saved $200k per year in product damage

The new crate design slashed packing and shipping times from 30 minutes per package to just 3 minutes.

Reduced inventory by $50k with no late shipments

A dramatic reduction in warehouse floor space used for packaging


Let us solve your packaging problems