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Hybrid Packaging solution slashes crate costs and makes for happier customers

LPC Hybrid packaging slashes crate costs

This manufacturer of an autonomous UV robot that utilizes UV-C light to disinfect and eliminate pathogens in office, healthcare and school spaces wanted a cost-effective packaging solution that could securely ship the 70 lbs cleaning robot direct to customers. A pre-requisite was that it had to be easy unpack with minimal packaging waste.


The company was using a standard wooden crate to ship the robot. Not only was this crate heavy and expensive to make and ship, but it was also difficult for customers to dispose of and not always possible to collect and reuse.

The recommended solution was to substitute the wooden crate with a hybrid packaging solution primarily made from corrugated cardboard and foam with plywood reinforcement. The new hybrid design included a plywood ramp to make loading and unloading of the robot easier. The new hybrid crate was cheaper to make, simpler to handle, safe in transit and easy to open without tools. The new crate was also better for the environment as much of the packaging could be disposed of in normal waste streams.


The new hybrid packaging for the UV robot passed all tests, rating high in all categories for cost, shock and vibration, ease of use and disposal. The customer estimated that in addition to the manufacturing cost savings, the new hybrid crate offered tangible savings in lighter freight handling, reduced shipping expenses and happier customers.

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