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On-Demand Custom and Plastic Corrugated

on demand corrugated packaging with foam

Reduce your packaging administration

Larson Packaging Company (LPC) specializes in complete corrugated solutions that include appropriate levels of design, manufacturing, and customer support. Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free solution for repeatable packaging that can rapidly fulfil ”on-demand” to keep your inventory low and to save you money. We provide services such as prototyping and kitting, to help streamline your operational, marketing, and testing needs. As a multi-substrate manufacturer with raw materials in stock,  LPC eliminates the need to source and integrate various packaging components from multiple vendors. We manufacture the finished solution in-house. This also results in higher quality because we control all the parts in the complete packaging solution.

Plastic corrugated box with custom foam insert

Die-cut corrugated boxes with custom foam assemblies (Box & Foam)

Corrugated boxes are the most popular packaging material for shipping because they are lightweight, easily recyclable, and offer the best protection to cost ratio of any outer packaging. On our tool-less Boxmaker, and flatbed die-press, we fabricate corrugated fiberboard and plastic corrugated, to your specification. Plastic corrugated is great for medium-term storage, and challenging environments such as clean rooms, and areas exposed to water. It is also “green” and can be recycled.

Larson Packaging Company takes an engineering approach to packaging design

LPC takes an engineering approach

LPC has extensive experience designing corrugated packaging for high-value, sensitive, and fragile equipment/products. Our packaging engineers can guide you from concept to execution to create a complete packaging solution, including protection from shock and vibration, that will meet your needs for performance, price, and presentation. We can work with your existing designs from your solid models, or start a clean sheet with a physical product. The LPC design department will store, update, and manage your designs for future orders, and revisions over the life of your product line.

Advanced foam fabrication facilities inhouse

Advanced capabilities in foam fabrication

LPC has extensive experience designing cushioning systems for the medical, semiconductor, computer, telecommunications, and aerospace industries. We use common and specialty foams like cross-linked or beaded polyethylene to protect your class “A” surfaces from abrasion. At LPC our design engineers work closely with the manufacturing floor to ensure that your packaging will fit and perform as specified. Our capabilities include rapid prototyping, complex assembly, die-cut, contour-cut, CNC routed, and waterjet cut.

Hybrid wood and corrugated packaging solutions. Lighter weight and cheaper to make.

Hybrid packaging

Corrugated boxes are versatile, and can be used with other substrates to achieve packaging that is optimized for cost, weight, performance, etc. For example, plywood can be used inside a cardboard box to add strength and rigidity to the bottom, when shipping heavy items such as medical devices. Also, a corrugated cap can be placed on a skid instead of a plywood cap for some uses.

Flexo and full color digital printing machine for corrugated box printing

Printing on corrugated

Markings on the corrugated exterior is an important part of ensuring the proper packaging handling during transit, storage, and access. Printing can also be used for branding, communications, and A/B testing with minimal investment. It improves the performance and presentation of your packaging. We are investing in both flexo and full-colour digital printing on corrugated for even more printing options.

corrugated plastic packaging welding

Corrugated plastic, cleanroom, and sonic welding

Corrugated plastic is a good alternative to traditional paper corrugated for certain applications. Corrugated plastic, or coroplast, is made from extruded polypropylene sheets. Corrugated plastic is durable, waterproof and resistant to many chemicals which makes it an excellent choice for reusable packaging. Also, corrugated plastic is clean room compatible and is often used for medical products because it doesn’t generate particulates and it can easily be wiped down or sanitized. At LPC we can diecut, stitch and sonic weld corrugated plastic to create custom packaging to fit various needs.

LPC — Your Packaging Partner

Fast and Reliable Service

Even on short notice, we have the production, materials capacity and access to specialty vendors to manage large scale orders.

Precise engineering and expertise

We construct custom products specially designed to the exact dimensions and requirements of your hardware.

Safe and secure shipping

Our packaging is fabricated to withstand harsh shipping environments where safe handling is anything but guaranteed.

Unmatched supply chain support

Our team of experts is committed to seeing that each packaging shipping experience is efficient and worry free.

Let us solve your packaging problems