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Standardized and custom-engineered pallets now available in San Diego. Any size, any quantity.

At Larson Packaging Company, we’ve been selling standard and custom pallets to Bay Area customers for many years. We’re now bringing this competitively priced, fast-turnaround service to our San Diego customers too.

While the industry standard 48-40 one-way heat-treated pallet is our speciality, we also manufacture block pallets with or without bottom deckboards or a full-perimeter base and 100% economical shipping and warehouse pallets.

We can deliver our standard LPC in just two days, or same day for a small extra rush fee. Better still, combine your pallets with your other LPC custom packaging requirements for a streamlined and frictionless vendor experience. Speak to a LPC team member to find out more.

Why your current pallet may be costing you money: Free Pallet Evaluation.

When you call, ask us for a free pallet evaluation.  We’re surprised how often customers come to us for a quote only to discover they are using the wrong pallet and it’s costing them money.

The load, weight, volume, size, handling requirements and use and the outer packaging of the items being shipped, all impact on the type of pallet you need.  If the load is too big for the pallet, the outer boxes can get crushed.  If it’s too small, then you are wasting expensive shipping space and increasing the risk of load shift. 

Then there’s the construction method and materials.  Pallets can be designed with a variety of deck board configurations — tops and bottoms, number, width, overhang, and spacing. In addition, plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) can be used as deck material (otherwise known as a “panel deck” pallet) to offer potential savings.

Drop us an email at [email protected] to arrange your free Pallet Evaluation.

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