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Rapid design and deployment of scientific blood analyzer for medical applications

A medical company needed protective packaging to help it rapidly deploy a delicate blood analysis device during the 2020 SAR-2-COVID emergency.

Because of the emergency, the company’s production delivery deadlines were tight. But its existing packaging was awkwardly designed. Consequently, packing and shipping was slow and prone to delays.

The company approached Larson Packaging Company in search of a solution that would improve packing speed without compromising protection capacity.

To address this challenge, we choose a two-phase approach.

Phase 1

We reproduced the existing skid base on an interim basis. This could be done quickly and easily, and would allow the client to meet immediate orders and ensure no delays arose because of a change in packaging providers.

Phase 2

Our analysis team delved into the difficulties packagers faced during transportation that were causing shipping delays. We discovered that packers experienced great difficulty using the current design, inevitably causing shipping blowouts.

We modified the design with the aim simplifying handling but without compromising protective capacity.

Our modifications ultimately reduced time to pack by three minutes per unit while maintaining the company’s zero in-transit damage rate.

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