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New Hybrid packaging design saves client $191 per crate and reduces shipping expenses

Hospitals and healthcare providers need reliable shipping solutions for high-value medical devices. Due to the critical importance and significant expense of these devices, in transit damage caused by poor packaging is a chief concern that needs to be addressed. From weight and strength to ease of use and speed of service, smart packaging solutions that deliver devices safely are integral to the healthcare industry.

The existing packaging solution was found to be inadequate and wasteful

The hospital provides in-home dialysis machines to patients, with devices shipped from a central hospital warehouse to a number of private addresses. Packaging was needed to protect the equipment and ensure its safe arrival. While there was a system already in place, it was found to be inadequate and expensive.

The client was using a reusable crate, which was delivered to the patient and was supposed to come back to the hospital. In many situations, however, the crate was never returned. Not only was this expensive and wasteful, but the crate itself was also difficult for many patients to handle.

It had to be easy to unpack and be recyclable

LPC’s packaging experts worked with the hospital to develop a more affordable and sustainable solution. The idea was to make something lighter and cheaper, which would eliminate the need for the crate to be returned at all. The packaging had to be easier for the patient to unpack and be recyclable.

The end solution was a hybrid wood and corrugated pack capable of securing the device for all domestic shipments. Along with the shock/vibration protective package and corrugated top, we maintained the plywood ramp so the crate could easily be unloaded. The crate was simple to handle, safe in transit, and easy to open without tools.

Our corrugated and wood hybrid was $191 cheaper

Once we had created a prototype packaging solution, the client had it tested, and it passed with flying colors. Compared to their former solution, this crate offered numerous functional and cost benefits. The original all-wood, reusable crate costs $402, while our corrugated design costs just $211. Not only did the client experience $191 in savings, but they also enjoyed lighter freight handling, reduced shipping expenses, and happier customers.

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