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Ship our aircraft components to the Paris airshow in a Russian aircraft

A manufacturer of piloted aircraft components was exhibiting in a Paris airshow. All the components were of odd sizes, shapes and sensitivity and had to fit in the cargo bay of a Russian aircraft making a single flight to the show.
Complicating matters further was the high-security nature of the project with stringent demands and protocols that had to be met.


The LPC team designed a custom shelving solution within crates that maximized the number of components that could be safely shipped in each crate. Componentry packed on the shelves were protected with foam and inserted between each component to eliminate components moving during transit.

Crates were designed, prototyped and manufactured in record time for components too large for shelving or required specialized packaging requirements.


All security demands and protocols were met, and all components safely arrived at the Paris airshow on the back of the Russian plane with zero damage. The customer was delighted with Larson Packaging Company’s professional and out-of-the-box thinking on how to get everything to the airshow safely.

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