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New server rack crate design eliminates confusion and saves money

The customer—a contract manufacturer for a leading online brand– needed a wooden crate to ship their server racks. They had four different configurations for the server racks, and each configuration required a different placement of the stabilizer brackets. This meant that they had to use four different crates, which was inefficient and costly.

The new crate eliminated the need for 4 different crates, which saved our customer money, inventory, and space utilization, and eliminated confusion on what crate to use, when.


LPC designed and built a custom wooden crate that could accommodate all four configurations of the server racks. The crate included two removable lumber blocks that could be used to support the stabilizer brackets in the correct position. We also included a dedicated storage space for the lumber blocks when they were not needed, so as to not lose them.


The custom crate solved the customer’s problem by reducing the number of crates they needed from four to one. This saved them money on packaging costs and simplified the process of transporting the server racks. The crate also eliminated the confusion of where the stabilizer brackets should be placed, which reduced the risk of damage to the server racks during shipping.

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