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Our new 42U server rack crates must be reusable with no performance degradation and cut the cost-per-trip to under $200 vs over $1000+ per crate it’s currently costing us

The customer—a leading online brand– needed a way to safely and securely transport their populated and integrated 42U server racks from manufacturing to their data centers. They were looking for a crate that was easy to pack and unpack without tools, and that would provide adequate protection for the racks during shipping and be reused multiple times without performance degradation.

Customer requirements

  • The crates must provide a safe and secure way to transport server racks.
  • The crates must be easy to open, pack and unpack without tools.
  • The crates must be cost-effective and meet our specific needs.
  • Crates must be reusable with no performance degradation, cutting the cost-per-trip to under $200 vs over $1000+ per crate


We designed and manufactured a custom wooden crate that met the customer’s specific needs. The crate was made from plywood, lumber, sheet metal (later Masonite) and was equipped with secure latches and handles. It also had a foam insert that custom-fit the server rack, providing excellent protection from bumps and vibrations. High-performance foam was used for the floater base to eliminate creep and protect from shock and vibration, and the blocking to secure against side impact and eliminate the need for fasteners and tools.


We manufactured and shipped thousands of these crates to the customer. The crates were well-received by the customer, who reported they were easy to use and provided excellent protection for their server racks. We continued to work with the customer to improve the crate design. We made the crate more cost-effective by using lighter-weight materials, and we also added a 48U version of the crate to meet customers’ needs with larger server racks.

We are proud to have worked with this customer to develop a solution that met their needs. We are committed to evolving our crate design to meet the market’s changing needs, and we are confident that we can continue to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for transporting server racks.

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