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New 2U Server Packaging Assembly design delivers a 10% saving

Our customer was a packaging distributor working with a network appliance company.  The goal was to design and manufacturer a new  2U server pack to reduce costs. The new 2u Server Packaging Assembly needed to stack 4-5 high, pass ISTA6B testing, and allow for the unit to be removed with a Genie lift.


We replaced the 220 Ethafoam with a similar 220 HRC (High Recycled Content). We redesigned the bottom foam cap to utilize less material. And instead of heat-sealing the bottom foam, we designed an interlock mechanism to keep the joints in place and to save on labor time. For savings were generated by removing the V-board from the pallet/DST set without affecting performance.


The new design delivered by the Larson Packaging Company Design Engineering team was a success.  It met all the customer’s requirements and delivered a 10 % savings on the pack.

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