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New crate design and cushioning system solves costly returns and delivery delays

The industry leader in OPO tunable laser products were packing and shipping their sensitive equipment in a standard box and foam solution that repeatedly broke in shipment, causing costly returns and product delivery delays.

Frustrated, they turn to Larson Packaging Company for an effective packaging solution.


The LPC team quickly determined that the customer’s standard box and foam solution was failing in two critical areas. The outer box wasn’t robust enough to survive shipping and the foam used inside the box was failing to adequately protect the lasers from shock and vibration.

LPC substituted the corrugated box with a plywood crate that offered superior packaging protection at minimal overall cost increase. The previous stock foam solution was replaced with a custom designed foam cushioning solution that perfectly cocooned the laser for ultimate shock and vibration protection.


The new custom crate eliminated the company’s shipping problems instantly. The lasers now arrived safely with zero in-transit damage and customer returns. This saved the company considerable money and frustration and more than justified the upgraded packaging solution designed and manufactured by the Larson Packaging Company.

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