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Californian University needed to move delicate lab equipment with zero risk of damage

Larson Packaging Company designed crate packaging for delicate lab equipment

The University was relocating a laboratory from one school to another. The laboratory contained a number of delicate and expensive pieces of research equipment, including a laser system. The school needed LPC to design crates that would ensure the safe transport of this irreplaceable equipment.


LPC determined that much of the equipment was extremely sensitive to shock and vibration. Crates were designed with this mind and were made from high-quality wood and the interiors lined with cushioning foam to protect the sensitive equipment from impact. Crate shock absorbers were added to the crates transporting the most sensitive equipment to further minimize the risk of damage during transport.


The sensitive equipment was successfully moved to the new laboratory without incident. The school was delighted to discover that the laser arrived in perfect alignment with no recalibration needed.

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