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Inhouse CNC machining reduces case lead time from weeks to days

A company approached Larson Packaging Company with a problem. Their Pelican case required precision drilling of two holes through the case to securely bolt it to an exterior frame and platform. The previous case and frame supplier had been outsourcing the drilling of these holes.

With little notice, the machine shop drilling these holes went out of business leaving the case supplier and customer with no way to get their custom cases made and delivered on time.


As a packaging manufacturer with full in-house capabilities and the machines to match, we were able to take on the work and drill the holes with one of our state-of-the-art CNC machines. Not only did this reduce our customer lead time, but it also offered them quality improvements and cost savings as they could work with one manufacturer responsible for the entire process from start to finish.


Lead times dropped from 4-6 weeks to just a few days with improvements in quality, service and overall packaging cost as outsourced fabricators with extra mark up were no longer needed in the fabrication and supply process.

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