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Clever redesign leads to lighter, more robust and more visually appealing SKB custom case solution

A professional streaming service came to Larson Packaging Company with a design challenge for their Apple TV box, monitor, and other equipment. They wanted a professional looking case solution that showcased their system without any of the cables or foam visible.

The customer’s current case was too small and did not have enough space for all of the equipment. They also wanted the monitor built into the lid of the case so that they could stream their content without having to connect their Apple TV box to a separate monitor.

The current setup also had cables and multi-media devices visible, which distracted their potential customers from the presentation and made everything look unnecessary complicated. For this reason, they wanted as much as possible hidden from view, including the internal foam insert for a sleek and professional case that perfectly aligned with the content being streamed.


The LPC inhouse design team prototyped a custom SKB case that was slightly larger than the customer’s old case to afford enough space for the Apple TV box, monitor, a power source, and all of the necessary cables to be compartmentalized and hidden within the case.

The monitor was then engineered into the lid of the case to the customer’s exact specifications. As an added bonus, the new case monitor was lighter than the old one, was much lighter with an internal speaker, adding to the overall presentation.


The customer was delighted with their new case. All of their brief requirements were exceeded with a custom-designed and engineered SKB case that reflected the quality of their presentation and overall professionalism.

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