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Refurbishing Wood Crates – Combining Economics and Sustainability

In our last blog we talked about the 3 R’s of the recycling world. Today we are focusing on another version of the 3 R’s, Repair, Refurbish and Reuse, three key components of Sustainability. Sustainability has become an integral part of our process at Larson Packaging Company (LPC) because:

  • Building a quality product can allow for reuse

  • Using a closed loop system creates savings for our customers

  • We can refurbish products “like new” so quality and performance is not compromised

  • Our recycling/refurbishing services are valued by our customers

  • The 3 R’s are good from an economic and environmental perspective

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Previously we discussed the circle-of-life recycling process. We also noted that we encourage our customers to create a closed-loop system.  As packaging is returned, we assess the state of the wood, plywood, foam, and hardware, and make a decision as to its current state and ability to perform. “Like new” packaging can be reused, and others quickly upgraded to “like new”. Only crates that are at the true end of their useful lives are recycled, greatly reducing the waste amount that is sent to landfill.

LPC’s refurbishment program provides a great service to our clients by managing the entire process from A-Z. We provide logistical support by picking up crates from our customers as needed and at their convenience. We store them indoors before they are reviewed and assessed. All customer demand and inventory management is the responsibility of Larson LLC. Orders for refurbished crates are handled efficiently, can be filled on a timely basis and are cost competitive.

Take Advantage of A Rare Value Proposition

Refurbishing crates is environmentally friendly. It reduces waste to landfill, consumes  less energy, produces fewer greenhouse gasses and reduces air and water emissions. What’s more, the refurbished products will continue to perform to specification. We encourage you to take take advantage of this opportunity – a genuine win-win for the environment and for your bottom line.



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