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Big Load to Ship? Get a Pro to Do the Heavy Lifting & Package Testing

Large pallet loads, bulk boxes, large wooden boxes and heavy crates can be evaluated by several of the package testing methods mentioned in our previous blogs. A variety of test schedules or protocols are available to gauge transport durability across different logistics systems. Depending on the nature of what is being shipped, test packaging may be limited to measuring for general ruggedness while others replicate stresses known to be encountered in distribution and report upon the effects. When appropriate, packaging may be tested according to formal studies of the distribution environment, including instrumentation, data loggers and observation. Test cycles with these additional documented elements tend to more accurately simulate specific shipping environments.   

Things Go Better With Tests

As a general rule of thumb, packages in excess of 150 pounds should ideally be subjected to the following:

  • Slide Impact Testing – this test is typically completed on an inclined impact tester using a velocity meter. Each side of the test sample must withstand a specified minimum velocity per second at impact.

  • Bottom Impact Testing – bottom testing is completed on a free-fall drop tester. Packages are allowed to drop from a specified height onto a flat, hard surface and are judged by their ability to withstand the impact. 

  • Tip Testing – with this test, packages are dropped at a 22 degree angle onto a hard surface and are evaluated by their ability to spring back to their original orientation. All four sides of the package are tested.

  • Raised Edge Impact Testing – opposite edges of packages are raised 10 inches, then dropped onto a hard surface and rated according to whether or not they return to their initial position. 

  • Compression testing and Vibration Testing – assuming a package endures through the first 4 tests, they can then subjected to compression and vibration tests. 

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