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Get the Best When You Package Test

No business wants to risk suffering losses or incurring potential liabilities when shipping their products to their customers. That’s why at Larson Packaging Company (LPC) we work with you to design and test packaging that can withstand the many stresses of global transit. Over the years we have found that most of our clients benefit from contracting out their package testing needs. We believe that it’s appropriate to rely upon an outside expert when:

  • It’s just too complicated – often customers lack the specific knowledge or experience to test for a particular product’s need. Acquiring outside assistance reduces the chance of errors in transit and results in long term savings

  • You don’t have the right stuff – customers may lack the equipment required for proper testing and obtaining it is prohibitive, in which case it’s more cost-effective to go outside.

  • You don’t have enough of the right stuff – customers may have the actual equipment needed but are busy testing other packaging. Waiting for the lines to recede may cost you more in delays than hiring ouside testers.

  • What you’ve got is too hot to handle – Certain products like dangerous goods, foods and medical products can require the use of an outside testing agent. Short term it may be cheaper to do in-house but the long term liabilities may be incalcuable.

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Get What You Ask For

At LPC, we take pride in the professionalism of our design and packaging team. Before going ouside for performance testing of shipping containers we suggest companies should receive satisfactory answers to questions such as:

  • Do they meet your standards? Inquire about their process. Does it meet your expectations?

  • Are you in sync? You have a pretty good idea about your design requirements. Are their designers asking you about what you need? Do their questions address your concerns and needs?

  • Are you in contact? Will there be someone specifically responsible for keeping you informed as the job progresses? Can you rely on that person to be available when you need them? Are you confident they can provide you with correct information?

  • When will we meet again?  Will someone be responsible for keeping you up to date on the progress of the test? How often will you be updated and how? 

When it comes to testing for ruggedness and durability, you deserve nothing less than straight “A’s.” Expect the best and be sure to get what you ask for and need.

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