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Custom Built Server Rack Crates

Protect Your Investment

Because of initiatives such as the Open Compute Project (OCP), racks are now being shipped fully configured, weighing as much as 3750 lbs. (1700 kg) and costing ~$250,000 in hardware and setup. Protecting your valuable equipment with a rack server shipping crate ensures that it will arrive safely and work once it is installed in the data center. Often rack crates need to be designed for multiple use, which lowers the cost per trip.

LPC made rack crate with inspection stamp

Quality Measured in Results

LPC manufactures rack crates to tight tolerances which leads to superior performance of the crate especially when a shock or impact occurs. Today’s multimode supply chains and material handlers place damaging vibrations, shocks, and stresses on equipment and packaging –  especially when handled by 3rd parties. We manufacture every crate from high quality lumber, plywood, foam, and fasteners according to our proven designs. We inspect and mark each rack crate so that the maximum precautions have been taken to protect every piece of equipment. Each rack will fit snuggly so that it will not move during the entire delivery path. 

LPC team member manufacturing a custom-built server rack

Every Rack Crate Is Customized

Our design engineers are experts at taking your requirements and translating them into a cost-effective plan that incorporates the most successful ramps, foam support, and the structure and base of the crate. Designing for the weight and geometry of your equipment ensures that the crate will perform its function and the equipment will not shift around during transit. The correct amount, type, and density of foam will be designed for shock absorption and vibration dampening. Blocking and bracing secures the payload, and a good design eases loading and unloading, minimizing accidents and increasing efficiency.

LPC can fabricate custom rack crates to any quantity from short to large runs

LPC – Your Packaging Partner

Over the past few years, Larson Packaging Company (LPC) has built thousands of rack crates to support the migration to cloud and next-generation data centers. All LPC crates are manufactured in the USA in our Milpitas California facility. LPC also works with other suppliers to ensure that your rack crate can be manufactured to our standards and performance. To date, we have partnered with providers in the UK, and Memphis TN. In Milpitas, LPC maintains an extensive inventory and can design and build rack crates on short notice in quantity. LPC will meet your timetable and work to resolve any issues if they arise quickly. As your packaging partner, we will work beside you in your supply chain, giving you reliability and flexibility for all your packaging needs.

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LPC — Your Rack Crating Partner

Fast and Reliable Service

Even on short notice, we have the production, materials capacity and access to specialty vendors to manage large scale orders.

Precise engineering and expertise

We construct custom products specially designed to the exact dimensions and requirements of your hardware.

Safe and secure shipping

Our crates are built to withstand harsh shipping environments where safe handling is anything but guaranteed.

Unmatched supply chain support

Our team of experts is committed to seeing that each rack crate shipping experience is efficient and worry free.


Rack Crate Buyer’s Guide

Learn how to safely ship your hardware and protect your rack systems in transit.

LPC Rack Crating in Action

custom rack server crate prototype for plug and play componentry

Engineering a Rack Crate Prototype

A major social media company needed to deliver rack servers to distant locations in “plug and play” condition. Larson Packaging Company’s engineers designed and tested a prototype that can be built at the company’s own site. Innovative loading lifts and exit ramps are crafted to remain at data centers. Larson’s ability to streamline the process has realized measurable savings for their client.

LPC team member manufacturing a wooden server crate

Tool-free Loading and Unloading

A customer that ships over 100 crates a day needs to off-load each unit in 4 minutes or less to stay on schedule. Larson Packaging Company designed wooden shipping crates that can be unloaded without external tools – objects that frequently get lost and require training to use. This tool free adaptation has transformed the company’s performance so that off-loading time is now down to approximately 1 minute per crate.

wooden rack server crate with loading ramp

Consolidating Crates to Reduce Costs

A customer was shipping two different size rack servers requiring two separate crate designs, complete with alternative lifts, ramps and other crate requirements. In an effort to simplify their workload and reduce costs, Larson Packaging Company’s engineers created a “hybrid” crate that can accommodate either size unit. This elegant, multi-faceted unit is less taxing on its employees and is producing considerable savings for the company.

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