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Hybrid wood and corrugated protective packaging for lightness without sacrificing structural, strength and rigidity

Sometimes, full wooden shipping crates may be overkill for the application. Or it may be costly and difficult to recycle for a one-way trip. Yet, on the other hand, a corrugated box may not offer sufficient protection or — if only a handful are needed — could be unnecessarily expensive.

Enter the combo — or — hybrid pack.

An intelligently designed hybrid corrugated pack can provide the same in-transit protection as one made solely from wood, but will weigh substantially less and cost less to manufacture. This can enable it to transport heavier items while meeting common carrier weight limits. Hybrid packaging is often the perfect
packaging solution for medical units, electronic parts, and other high-value items.

Why choose hybrid wood-cardboard protective packaging


Cardboard layers can be tailored to fit the product’s particular shape for maximum protection, and the out layer can be printed on or waxed for water-resistance.


Compared to an all-wood solution, hybrid wood-cardboard packaging may be as much as 75% lighter, potentially offering a substantial savings in shipping costs.

Environmentally friendly

Hybrid packaging is also often far gentler on the environment: a greater proportion of the packaging can be recycled through established waste streams.


Combination wood-cardboard delivers excellent in-transit durability and strength.

Infinitely versatile design options to optimize for cost and performance

  • Use plywood inside a cardboard box to add strength and rigidity to the bottom
  • Place a corrugated cap on a skid instead of plywood to save weight
  • Combine a wooden or floater base with a corrugated container or shroud
  • Substitute crate plywood sheathing with double-wall corrugated to maintain strength while saving on cost

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