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New Field Specialist role delivers hands-on technical knowledge and on-site support for LPC customers.

We’re excited to announce the assignment of Chris James and Dan Cochran to our newly created Field Specialist role. This role is another step in our ambitious program to lead the industrial packaging industry in service levels, quality and speed.

By implementing streamlined business processes, our “customer success team” approach, and achieving critical milestones over the last two years LPC has taken its on-time delivery performance to a consistent 98%+ (one of the best in the U.S. West Coast) and has also introduced an industry-first real shipping guarantee, backed by a late penalty.

Not only is the appointment of Chris and Dan to this role an important step to achieve our ambitious goals it is intended to change widely held perceptions that packaging suppliers can’t be trusted to meet their promises.

Both Chris and Dan bring a wealth of commercial and technical experience to this role having held senior positions at Larson Packaging Company and other well-known companies in the packaging industry. This makes them uniquely qualified to operate as an extension of both the sales, customer service and design teams when field-based activities are required.

“This is a significant change for how we approach support for our customers”, says Larson Packaging Company COO, Scott Grills. “Customers want more than just the occasional visit and delivery of fresh donuts from salespeople. Most actively try to avoid it”, Scott laughs. “What customers really want—and deserve—is access to highly competent people like Chris and Dan who can come onsite to gather detailed product and packaging specifications and requirements, and provide valuable packaging advice without the sales pressure. Their job is not selling, it is to support LPC in the field, help our customers, and learn more about the real, and unmet needs of the market!

Chris and Dan will be available to customers wanting face-to-face support in the Southern and Northern California regions respectively.

They can offer support for a diverse range of activities, including general packaging/shipping advice, engineering and technical advice for in-house packaging designers, detailed product specification requirements, and product packaging troubleshooting and solution reviews. In addition, it is an opportunity to gain better insight into customer needs to guide our strategy—from the market directly. This service is free. Contact the LPC customer service team to schedule a visit!

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