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Three failed crate design attempts elsewhere led robotics manufacturer to LPC for a clever solution

Working with a packaging distributor and their customer, a leading surgery robot designer/manufacturer who asked us to redesign their existing packaging.

  • Unit is the “brains” of a robotic surgical system. Very high value, very important.
  • Challenging project because of the odd geometry, strict fragility requirements and minimal touch points on the unit.
  • The customer needed a solution that would pass stringent testing and it needed to be user friendly when loading and unloading.
  • End customer was not happy with its current supplier at the time as they had gone through 3 failed design revisions and were taking a long time to move the project forward.

Impact on Customer

By designing an efficient packaging solution, it assisted our partner, in gaining more opportunities and business from the end user.


  • Crate with internal floater to absorb shock and dampen vibration.
  • Removable wood tray that unit is bolted to with handles to aid in handling the unit. Blocking on tray offers additional support to unit.
  • Yolk with custom metal bracket to bolt the unit from the top for additional security.
  • Once unit is installed in crate base, the crate cap slides on and is closed with link locks.


Pack passed first round of testing with the version one unit. Rev 2 crate is modified slightly to accommodate version 2 of the viewer unit. It is currently in testing. End customer and our partner are very happy with the design and responsiveness.

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