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New toolless crate is significantly less costly to fabricate and slashes loading time

The customer manufactures semiconductors and industrial lasers. The current crate design was difficult to open and secure as it required numerous hand and power tools (hammer, catspaw, socket wrench, power drill, lag bolts, nails, screws) and a 2-man operation to secure the lid and equipment for shipment. Total labor time, per person was 45+ minutes.

Multiple unit shipments took several days to get out the door and impacted shipping costs as expedited service was necessary. Injury to workers securing equipment was a big concern and outcome of the existing crate’s difficult design. Additionally, the crate was quite expensive and lead times from the incumbent manufacturer were 3-5 weeks.


Our Design Engineers met with the customer’s warehouse and product management team to review their operations, determine their challenges, and then give them options for reducing injury, improving crating/loading practices, and eliminating hand or power tools and fasteners. Our crate design was easier to load and intuitive of how their equipment needed to be oriented inside the crate. The result of the new design, which included adding toolless fastening provisions, meant one person could now load the crate.


The customer was grateful not only for our crate solution but also of the training given by LPC to the warehouse and product management on best and safe practices in crate loading.  The new toolless crate was significantly less costly to manufacture and easier to fabricate. It offered superior protection to the predecessor by removing the guesswork of securing the laser inside the crate. The toolless design and lighter weight meant dramatically simplified logistic efforts. Most importantly, it allowed the customer to get their orders shipped on the same day, thus eliminating premium freight costs.

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