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Wood Packaging – Smart Solutions to Common Purchasing Problems

When it comes to running your business, wood packaging issues should be the least of your worries. That said, mistakes do happen and they can be costly. Larson Packaging Company (LPC) realizes that finding the right solutions for your company can be a tedious processs so it pays to get smart about the basics of your product needs. An independent study of wood packing/crating vendors keyed in on five problems common to businesses when buying wood for this purpose. To make sure you get the most out of your wood products purchase, Larson has reviewed each of the five issues and provided solutions on how to avoid these common difficulties.

Wood Packaging Solutions to Meet Your Needs

1. Clearly define the need and the  proper specs – When you need customized solutions, exact measurements are a must. Your wood crate and pallet provider should have the skills and expertise to properly define job requirements so that you get the precise specifications you need.  Make sure that your vendor understands your need.

2. Select the matching quality for your need – Make certain that a vendor is not providing you with inferior quality materials and that the design meets your expectations. Check to see that the vendor is properly equipped with the right machinery, raw materials and experience to engineer and manufacture precise quality in your orders.

3. Pay a fair price – Once you’ve ascertained the quality required to complete your job, it can still be difficult to find the materials at an acceptable price. Check with other vendors and select the vendor capable of offering the right mix of products and services. Some suppliers achieve this by purchasing materials in bulk so they can pass on savings to the customer.

4. Don’t get stuck in line –  We live in a world where “just in time” delivery is the norm so you can’t risk supplier delays. Check out a vendor’s track record and their process for ensuring timely service. A reliable vendor should be able to respond to your order requests with minimal lead time and support you over the long-term with quick turnaround on repeat projects.   

5. Separate the forest from the trees – The challenging demands of running your business leave you with little time to worry about the details of packaging. Look for a supplier that offers a depth of solutions for your requirements and one that will make finding answers to your problems as smooth and seamless as possible.

Expect the Best From Your Vendor

Larson Packaging Company provides a series of “smart solutions” to solve your wood assemblage needs:

  • Our buyer’s guides and engineering department will help you to carefully to define the job requirement so we can match exact specifications.

  • We have sophisticated, flexible machinery, equipment, and raw materials on site, so we can quickly cut, grade, process, and build your product, ensuring the precise quality needed for each order.

  • We buy materials in truckload and railcar quantities so we can pass on savings to our customers.

  • Our computerized ordering and specification system allows us to bring up all historical data for fast and expedited orders and manufacturing.

  • We provide expedited production and fast delivery.

  • We provide one-stop shopping for all of your crate, case, pallet and wood recycling needs.

  • We provide additional value-added service such as vendor managed inventory, JIT delivery, automatic restocking and management of blanket orders.

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Please contact Larson to explore solutions and pricing options for all your wood product needs.

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