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Wooden Shipping Crates & Packaging: Balancing Cost and Quality

Benjamin Franklin, renowned for his sage advice on a wide range of subjects, was once quoted as saying that “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” This adage remains as valid today as when the words were first spoken. If you are in the business of shipping a product or equipment from a manufacturing or distribution location to the point of use you have a lot at risk. That’s why investing in and partnering with a reliable industrial packaging company that provides top quality products and service is so important to your business. 

Why Cutting Back on Industrial Packaging is Costly

Face it – We Live in a Material World.  Selecting appropriate materials is a critical component of a good product packing plan. Lower prices in the industrial crating and packing industry, are typically signals for cutting corners or using lower quality or not to spec materials. Buying from a sub-par supplier can impact your business in several ways, including:

  • Missed deadlines and delays

  • Lost goods

  • Damaged goods

  • Additional administrative and labor costs

We Also Live in a World Where How We are ‘Put Together’ Connotes Value. Cost is always a consideration in any business decision, but there are times when the least cost solution is not the best. This is especially apt when choosing a reliable packaging manufacturer. If someone offers you a deal that is too good to be true, they’re probably taking shortcuts in the manufacturing process and construction methods. This often results in:

  • Products made not to spec or degraded materials

  • Poorly engineered designs

  • Products that fail to carry their design load

  • Non-adherence to industry standards

  • Good initial production with subsequent declines in quality control 

  • Teaser prices followed by price increases down the road

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Carry Sufficient and Diversified Inventories

Not All Services are Offered Equally. Low price vendors are rarely able to provide high quality services. Notably, they often fail to:

  • Meet the demands of a well functioning supply chain

  • Handle special and last minute requests

  • Carry sufficiently diversified inventories

  • Provide technical knowledge and assistance

  • Support the sales and development process

  • Respond and fix problems rapidly if and when they occur

Expect the Best from a Packaging Partner. A good partnership is worth the investment. In the long run it can: 

  • Give support when it’s critically needed 

  • Prevent delays

  • Insure against inferior products that lead to failure and damage

  • Streamline ordering, receiving and shipping

  • Lower administrative costs and headaches

  • Result in lower total costs over time

  • Instill a level of mutual loyalty and trust

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