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Protect Valuable Shipments with Tilt and Impact Indicators

It’s obvious to anyone shipping high-tech electronics or other high value and fragile cargo that the equipment must be properly packaged in wood shipping crates or state-of-the-art transit cases. The question still remains though, is this the most that can be done to protect sensitive goods? The bad news is that even using the highest quality, custom crates available on the market today, some electronics including server and storage racks, medical equipment and devices, as well as specialized lasers and optics, may still be vulnerable to threshold vibrations and shocks. The good news is that there are cost effective ways to reduce this risk.

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At Larson Packaging Company we recommend using Shock Watch tilt and impact indicators when shipping items like server and storage racks. We suggest this for two reasons:

  • Influence the shipping environment the presence of a tilt or impact label acts as a reminder to everyone handling the shipment that the process is being continuously monitored. This knowledge tends to induce increased care in handling of the cargo throughout its entire journey.

  • Provide accountability in the event that goods are damaged, these indicators are precise in detecting how the damage was incurred and which party was responsible for the mishap, putting an end to the “blame game” before it has a chance to begin.

To maximize control and accountability, we often encourage placing Shock Watch indicators inside the package as well as outside for insurance against possible tampering with the outside device. Exceptionally high-value cargo may also call for double layering such as placing a customer’s logo or a Larson Packaging Company logo over the Shock Watch label that cannot be easily duplicated. Data recorders may also be appropriate in the packaging design phase for particularly sensitive shipments, as they yield a complete transport history.

Why it Pays to Protect 

Indicators and data recorders are terrific aids when it becomes necessary to identify problems along the supply chain. For instance, if a product doesn’t work after installation, the indicators can help you understand whether the problem was in the product’s handling, manufacturing or packaging. They can also uncover liability by offering proof of mishandling. 

At Larson Packaging Company we use Shock Watch products because they are state-of-the art and represent the industry standard. For more information on your packaging and shipping needs, please contact us.


Visit ShockWatch for more specific information on their tilt and impact devices.

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