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A Case for Quality: Why Not to Buy Cheap ATA Cases

It’s always tempting to find ways to save, so why pay more for a custom ATA case when there are lower cost alternatives? The reason is straightforward and simple – because spending less initially can end up costing you much more over the long haul. Buyers that try to cut corners on cases typically experience either one or both of these outcomes:

  • A shorter life span where the case will need to be replaced sooner than projected; and,

  • Damaged goods and equipment that will cost time and money to fix or replace.

Customers can either buy an unreliable product from a bargain vendor or elect to work with a dependable ATA case manufacturer that will provide you with reliable, quality and durable solutions, appropriate for your unique requirements. While cases may all look the same at first glance, there are reasons that lower price cases cost less: they are made from inferior materials and shortcuts taken during the manufacturing process undermine durability and product protection.

By definition, an ATA Spec 300 based case should be able to sustain at least 100 trips without failing.

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Clients often seek a reputable company like LPC only after a bad experience with broken cases and/or fractured equipment. After paying to fix or replace damaged goods to ensure that their orders are fulfilled, this can be a very expensive lesson to learn.  

Select the Best

At Larson Packaging Company we apply stringent design requirements to all the air transit cases we build. Our ATA cases are made to withstand the high-impact conditions of air freight travel without compromising their appearance or ease of use. We can create a custom ATA case that satisfies your every need. 

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