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Customizing Trade Show Shipping Cases

Are you gearing up to hit the road with your exciting new product line or your latest design concept? Will you need a new travel case to display your wares? Do you know what to consider before purchasing an ATA case?

Here are a few guidelines you may find helpful when choosing shipping cases for trade shows. The first is obvious but critical: What type of transportation do you expect to use

  • Truck Combine rough handling with rough roads and it’s a sure bet that ATA cases shipped in the cargo area of a truck are going to take a beating. The best way to get your content there in good condition is to choose a rugged exterior material such as ABS Laminate Hardwood, Hexagrip or other highly durable components.

  • Airline Cases designed for air travel must withstand high impact conditions. As a result, the industry recommends ATA Spec 300. These specifications are the “gold standard” for cases and are designed to endure a minimum of 100 trips. Anyone planning to employ multiple travel modes should consider obtaining the most durable case since it will prove to be less expensive long term. 

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The second major factor to consider for trade show shipping cases, is handling. To the extent possible, understand the possible loading and unloading environments you can expect to encounter.

  • Ramps and access doors If you think they will be required, ramps can be built into a case. Access doors can also be strategically placed to facilitate removing items as you prepare for trade show displays.

  • Casters Shipping cases with wheels makes it possible to roll cases through airports, convention centers and other areas where moving cases over a long distance is a factor. For convenience with lighter cases, try out a telescopic handle that can be pulled behind you and adds flexibility.  

  • Skids and Lifts Skids can prove useful if your case is heavy and may be moved by forklift. 

Tradeshow personnel are often the worse handlers along the delivery line, so make sure your design is simple enough to reduce the likelihood of parts getting damaged or lost. Also keep in mind that your product will be in the hands of your marketing team rather than production staff, so it should be as close to fully-assembled as possible for it to go right to work when it arrives. 


By the end of the show, everyone will be in a hurry to leave so make sure your case is easy to reload without much hassle. Tradeshow staff are notorious for rough handling when in a hurry to set up or tear down displays.

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If you expect to use your case as an integral part of your trade show display, it makes sense to customize it to expand your brand.

  • Exterior customization options There are many color options for ATA cases. You can select a color or combination of colors that reflect your company’s identity. In addition, you can add your company logo or consider other ways to advertise your product. 

  • Built in features  Some vendors choose a design where their product is built right into the case. For instance, when shipping robotics or when shipping medical devices, this can be a great way to go. Your choices are many with rack mounting options or built in monitors available. Certain items, such as when you ship an LCD Monitor, benefit from electric lifts that can extract the contents from the case.

  • Table Platform When not using the case you may opt for designing a lid that hooks onto the case and serves as alternative table space.  

Design Your Way to Success

There are so many ways to make your road case work for you. You can add shelves, compartments, cubbies, storage areas and drawers to hold spare parts, accessories, plugs, cords or even marketing materials. Be sure to select a shipping and packaging company like LPC that is willing to spend time with you. Partner with a company that is interested in your specific needs and is willing to customize units that showcase your product for maximum sales potential, provide flexibility in transit and can accommodate ease of use. 


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