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An Up Close Look at Plywood

Plywood is arguably the most underrated material. Consider the countless applications it is used in, ranging from recreational skateboards to industrial crating. Simply put, plywood is made by adhering thin sheets of wood together. These sheets are called veneer or plies. The process was vastly improved in the 1800’s with the creation of the Veneer Rotary Cutting Machine. The steam powered machine was capable of manufacturing longer and wider veneer sheets, all the while minimizing waste. It’s invention allowed for increased efficiency and lower costs, leading the way to large scale production runs.
Thank you to the V&A exhibition Plywood: Material of the Modern World (July- November 2017) for telling the story behind plywood.

The video below compares the manufacturing process in British Columbia, Canada, 1954 to Järvelä, Finland, 2016.

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