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Navy Gold Coast Conference

The National Department of Defense (NDIA) held it’s 29th Annual Navy Gold Coast Conference at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center. The two day conference took place on Tuesday August 22nd and Wednesday August 23rd. Industry leaders from across the United States traveled great distances to participate in the San Diego event. With the assistance of the Navy’s Office of Small Business Programs, the conference included key speaking forums from U.S. Navy leaders. The common thread between each forum was how to support the warfighter mission in a changing acquisition climate.

Rear Adm. Mark W. Darrah, Program Executive Officer for Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons, was well received by attendees. He stressed that the need for innovated products/services is greater than the need for new inventions. The procurement process of newly invented products/services is lengthy and does not provide immediate support to the warfighter. He advocated innovation of current products/services as a quicker, faster and better way to navigate the procurement process and ultimately assist the warfighter.

In addition to forums, breakout sessions and match making opportunities between industry and government were made available to attendees. Over 250 industry and government participated in an open networking sessions held in the Grand Exhibit Hall. Exhibitors were more than willing to offer guidance on procurement and working with the Department of Defense.

The Navy Gold Coast conference is a valuable resource for small businesses seeking to work with government entities. The two day conference included insightful speakers, proactive matchmaking opportunities and informative exhibits.

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