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LPC Installs New Precision Skiver in Foam Department

LPC installed a high performance skiver in the foam department of the Milpitas California manufacturing facility as part of a continuing expansion of our foam capabilities. The new Gong Young skiver can cut foam that has: great presentation, consistent thickness, and tight tolerances, making foam sheets suitable for packaging such as high value instrumentation, medical equipment, electronics, automotive parts, and more.

The Gong Young Model EHC-1700-NA Skiver produces a smooth cut and surface, and the entire sheet has an even thickness. It is capable of cutting very precise sheets of foam down to thicknesses of even 1/16th of an inch with tolerances of 1/1000 inch. These thin sheets can be used in packaging for critically fragile, fragile, and delicate equipment such as lasers, aligned optics, and unique laboratory devices. 

The Gong Young skiver can cut any type of foam at all densities!

While most skivers can only cut polyethylene foam, the Gong Young is capable of skiving any type of foam including: cross-linked (XLPS),  beaded polyethylene (BPE), and beaded polypropylene (BPP) at all densities including the commonly used 9 lb. polyethylene. The Gong Young has other applications such as sports matting and padding.


Specialty foams such as crosslinked and beaded polyethylene are frequently used for Class A surfaces such as medical equipment, semiconductor equipment, IT servers, automotive, robotics, and other instrumentation. BPE is used in heavy and fragile cushioning, impact and vibration dampening for crating, high end case interiors, electronics, industrial material handling,  automotive dunnage, finished part separators and many more applications.

Larson Packaging Company(LPC) is one of the only foam fabricators in Silicon Valley that has a skiver with these capabilities. And it’s another example of how LPC continues to improve their foam department, and provide our customers with custom industrial packaging that has great presentation and performance at a competitive cost.


Work with your packaging partner to select the right foam for your application.

Selecting a packaging partner with knowledge and experience about the performance properties of various foams can improve your packaging. At Larson Packaging Company, our design team can help you identify the correct type, amount, and density of foam to ensure that your product will always arrive safely. 

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