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LPC Expands Its Recycling Program with Foam Densifier

Now recycling foam in addition to wood, sawdust, steel, aluminum, corrugated, and other packaging materials.

At LPC, we are always looking for ways to reduce our footprint on the environment, not only by reducing waste, but also by recycling whenever possible.  LPC was a pioneer in recycling in the Silicon Valley early on acquiring a wood shredder to recycle pallets, mill trim ends, wood, and sawdust.  The program was awarded several WRAP awards and was an early participant in Sierra PIne’s urban waste pilot program to make particle board. Virtually all non-product waste at LPC is now recycled back into efficient waste streams. LPC has invested in a larger capacity Cresswood grinder and nails are removed from used pallets magnetically and recycled with other steel and aluminum. Packaging scrap plastic and corrugated are baled and recycled.  In October, 2017 LPC acquired an Avangard foam densifier that can reduce the footprint of EPS and PE foams 90:1 and turn it into bricks of plastic for reuse.  We endeavor to recycle any unused packaging substrate or component. “Our recycling efforts are a great way to reduce the footprint of materials on site and our customers appreciate that we are diverting waste away from landfills and into productive markets,” says Greg Wayman facilities manager.

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