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Semiconductor Equipment Crating in Silicon Valley

Within the Silicon Valley are scores of semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers that need to ship their products to destinations around the globe. Given the complexity, possible fragility and substantial investment in the materials being shipped, manufacturers rely on quality custom packaging to protect their shipments while in transit. Several of our neighbors are among the leading semiconductor equipment manufacturers, including:      

  • KLA Tencor – Milpitas
  • Applied Materials Inc – Santa Clara
  • LAM Research – Fremont
  • Veeco – Fremont 
  • ASML – San Jose

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Each individual business may vary in what they produce or how exactly they produce it, but they all share one thing in common – the need to find a quality packaging company that they can count on as if they were partners. We believe the qualities they seek are qualities every industry member should seek in common. These important attributes include:

  • Customized Packaging – Generic solutions aren’t likely to meet the specific needs of your product lines. For instance, the requirements for semiconductor equipment packaging are quite different than those for other product lines. In order for your goods to arrive safely, it’s important for your shipper to understand the nuances called for in Semi Cap industry shipping.
  • Engineering Expertise – Packaging companies like LPC have their own design and engineering teams. Their experience and knowledge can prove to be invaluable since they are constantly in the process of problem solving for next generation products. A good packaging team should be willing to work with your own in-house experts to arrive at optimal shipping solutions. 
  • Clean Room Experience – Any packaging and design team worth their salt understands that reliable semiconductor equipment crating must take clean room specifications into account. Experience working with products coming out of this highly monitored environment is a must for shipping in this industry. 
  • Global Logistics Capability – Products originating here in the Silicon Valley are packed into wood shipping crates and delivered to distant places around the world. Manufacturers need the kind of logistics experience that is familiar with the regulations and potential difficulties unique to each location so they can prevent problems from occurring. 
  • A Packaging Partner – Take the time to seek out a vendor willing to learn your business and work collaboratively on developing the best possible crating solutions for your product lines. Also, find a partner willing to stock what you are likely to need for greater speed, accuracy and reliability. 
  • An Expert in Semi Cap Equipment Packaging – Establish a relationship with a packaging supplier that is an expert in your field and has actual experience with the packing and crating of products like yours. 

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If you are looking for a reliable Silicon Valley Crating company, there is no need to settle for second best. Seek out the attributes listed above to ensure the safety of your valuable products. 


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