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On-demand, custom: when you need packaging fast

Good, fast, cost-effective (cheap?). Pick two.

That’s the saying, right?

Well, these days, we don’t think it applies to on-demand custom packaging.

On-demand short-run custom packaging can extremely cost-effective.

For starters, you can right-size your packaging, reducing empty space which cuts down on the need for unnecessary (and costly) foam cushioning. A right-sized box is a better fit for your products — reducing the opportunity for damage. And a box that’s the right size will simply be cheaper to ship.

Not to mention it gives you the opportunity to adopt a more just-in-time approach that minimizes inventory and warehousing requirements. These — and administrative costs — can contribute significantly to the overall expense of your packaging.


On-demand can look good while performing its protective and transportation purpose

The corrugated fiberboard and Corroplast plastic used in a lot of on-demand packaging still provides the best weight-to-strength ratio. Lightweight yet strong, it offers the best protection-to-cost ratio of any outer packaging–

One drawback has always been that print on external protective packaging has been functional rather than decorative. Advances in tech are finally changing that — it’s now possible to inexpensively apply graphics — even in full-color — to promote branding and communications on outer packaging (on porous surfaces).

On-demand is regularly faster to produce (and to deliver)

On-demand packaging has always been fast (after all, it’s in the name).

But what exactly makes it a fast, hassle-free solution?

First, work with a direct manufacturer which takes out the middleman. Your packaging manufacturer should have extensive stocks of raw materials for all potential substrates. That means they’re not trying to source and integrate various packaging components from multiple vendors in a hurry — which can push out deadlines and increase cost.

IMG_0597-1The best manufacturers also provide services such as prototyping and kitting to streamline your operational, marketing, and testing even further.

That’s the secret to repeatable packaging that can be rapidly fulfilled “on-demand” and delivered to your door in industry leading lead times.

LPC’s on-demand service

Larson Packaging Company offers an on-demand protective packaging service. In a nutshell:

  • You can order small runs and quantities of up to 500 units.
  • We do custom designs in standard and non-standard sizes.
  • You can choose from fiberboard or plastic and print
    in full color on paper.
  • In most cases, we design the packaging for free
    (including the foam insert).
  • Designs can use common and also specialty insert foams
    such as cross-linked or beaded polyethylene.
If you’d like to know more, hit us up!

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