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LPC Designated a Pelican Case Dealer


Pelican makes the top-rated injection-molded cases in the world. Best known for their rugged durability in extreme conditions, Pelican cases can be customized for a wide range of applications such as rack-mounted server cases to waterproof hard shells for laptops and camera equipment. Started as a hobby, Pelican has dramatically grown and now has six manufacturing facilities and operates in 21 countries, making it the largest manufacturer of equipment cases in the world. 

LPC also offers the newly redesigned and lighter Pelican Air cases. Like the classic Pelican cases, these cases can be used for shipping sensitive items such as electronics, medical equipment, and other delicate instruments and devices. These cases are also ideal for computer equipment, cameras, hunting rifles or anything that requires a dust-free, moisture-free, temperature-controlled environment and needs to be able to withstand rough handling.

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Pelican’s diverse product line complements LPC’s design and engineering expertise. Our team can add value to a client’s unique packaging needs by recommending the best Pelican case for your specific product(s) and by manufacturing custom foam inserts that will provide the best interior protection possible. Because LPC is a “local stocking dealer,” we will be able to fulfill your order immediately.

“We are excited to offer great off-the-shelf cases like Pelican which complement our custom ATA cases. We can make both types of cases even better with custom foam and CNC cut out interiors,” says Mark Hoffman, owner of LPC.

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