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How To Choose a Project Partner When Making Facility Moves

Moving an entire operation from one location to another can be a daunting experience. That’s why choosing a reputable and knowledgeable packing and crating company is so important. To that end, we’ve created a basic check list of factors to consider before finalizing your decision.

1.     Project Management and Communication First and foremost look for a company that appreciates how vital it is to you that nothing gets lost, damaged or delayed since you are the one who will be held accountable for the move. Also vital is selecting a partner willing to be held accountable for meeting deadlines and staying on schedule. Seek a crating company that views your move as more than a simple pack job. Instead choose a company that assumes the role of project manager with all that entails. Make certain the company has the management capabilities required to coordinate between riggers, transportation companies and facility managers. 

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2.     Manufacturing Capabilities – Ask to see examples of wood packaging, wood shipping crates and custom crating that the company has prepared for moves similar to your own. Check out their design and engineering capabilities to see how they solve for difficult challenges like heavy equipment, high-tech computers and instruments or valuable items that need to be taken apart and reassembled upon delivery.

3.     Understanding Equipment and Loads – The company’s design and engineering capabilities fundamentally depend upon their team’s understanding of equipment needs and balancing loads. For instance, crate packaging towers of rack servers requires knowing how to design for weight distribution and maneuverability. See that the company understands what’s specifically required to move your items. 

4.     Providing Protection – Whether your move is by truck, plane, or ship, you need to prepare for myriad situations including bumps, turbulence or negligent handling. A company should be able to pack wood shipping crates and boxes with the appropriate wood and foam blocking, shock absorption and vibration measures to mitigate against slippage and movement. In addition, make sure you are protected from corrosion, temperature or other factors that can affect your shipment.  

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5.    Protect Yourself – While no doubt your own company insures its facility moves, you can ask your packing and crating company for advice on drayage insurance. Don’t forget that materials handlers and others along the supply chain can also pose a potential risk to your move. Choose a project manager that is bonded and insured. To avoid possible disputes over liability should something be damaged, you can also ask your shipper to place shock watches or other “tip and tell” instrumentation that can indicate when crates are handled improperly. 

6.     Administration – To assure that every item in your facility move is accounted for, inquire about the company’s labeling and listing procedures. Ask to see examples and request a detailed explanation of how items are accounted for from the beginning to the end of the process. Inquire about how items are managed along each stage of their journey and the methods used by the company to coordinate with riggers and freight forwarders.

Move with Ease

It helps to know what to ask when selecting a company to entrust with moving your vital business equipment. For information regarding any of your moving, crating or packaging needs, please contact our professionals at Larson Packaging Company.


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