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Why Wood Pallets are Preferable

When you ship your products from point of origin to point of sale, you want to be certain they arrive on time and undamaged. Either of these two outcomes can increase your costs and alienate valued customers. To avoid these complications, Larson Packaging recommends that you opt to use wood pallets over less reliable alternatives.

Wood is not only reliable and affordable but its a sound economic choice. The savings you realize with on-time deliveries and fully usable loads will go right to your bottom line. There are many additional reasons to choose wood. For instance, grocers and food distributors find that wood provides better air circulation in refrigerated areas so the food arrives in fresher condition. We can customize designs to meet your particualr product requirements.

Logistically, wood pallets are easier to handle and faster to load and unload. Because they can be moved with a conventional fork lift, it takes less aisle space to stack and store them, a double ringer since you get to save on storage costs and equipment costs. Finally, in addition to their economic benefits, they provide a environmentally sound alternative. Our typical product has an average 7 year life and can be used hundreds of times before it wears out, and at that point, it can be recycled.

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Wood Pallets Provide a Superior Solution Because they …

  • Are economical

  • Can be CAD designed

  • Come in standard sizes or can be custom engineered

  • Work well in automated environments

  • Are durable

  • Are recyclable

  • Are reusable

  • Are biodegradable

  • Are non-toxic

  • Have the lowest cost per use

  • Are readily available

  • Offer users improved efficiency, productivity and profitability

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