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Custom Foam Inserts for ATA Cases or Pelican Cases

An ATA case or Pelican case has a very rugged exterior, but it is the foam cushioning system inside the case that prevents damage to your equipment or product from shock and vibration. A custom foam insert isolates and protects each part or subassembly  This may include a custom fit cavity so that the part is secured from movement within the case.

Many different types of foam are available depending on the fragility, weight, and geometry of the product or equipment that is being protected. For example, a drone or fragile electronic or optical component might use polyurethane whereas medical devices or semiconductor equipment might require a combination of polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyurethane foams. Other aspects such as abrasion can be important if the shipping environment will cause the product or equipment to rub continuously against the foam. These are some of the reasons why you should rely on a packaging expert to identify the best solution for your unique product.

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A custom foam insert allows you to organize the contents of your case because foam can be easily formed to fit different subassemblies or parts within the main cavity of the case. The benefits of organizing the contents of your case cannot be overstated. Unpacking and packing your tools or equipment will be much faster, and you will be less likely to lose a part due to oversight. If your equipment needs partial assembly then it will be easier to identify each part or subassembly. Additionally, a well organized case presents a professional image and enhances the user experience.

Benefits of a custom foam insert for your case

  • Isolated protection for each part or subassembly
  • Organization of contents
  • Ease of assembly, use, and inventory
  • Professional presentation

Custom foam inserts are one of many ways that you can improve the protection of your equipment during transit. Choose a packaging partner with knowledge and experience that can help you make the right decisions for your unique product. At Larson Packaging Company, Our team can identify your packaging options to make sure that your product will always arrive safely and well organized.

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