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One Size Rarely Fits All – CNC Machine

You simply cannot throw skillfully engineered equipment in a corrugated box with packaging peanuts and call it a day.

From an economist’s standpoint, that would be a terrible waste of money. Consider the time taken and the costs involved in your product. If you’re a startup company, you know all to well what is at stake. Your equipment needs to make it to the end user without damage and in proper working order. However, external factors are cumbersome and can ruin your device before it reaches your client. Shock, vibration, and static stress are just some of the factors that can ruin your reputation if you are not prepared.

Trust us to be prepared. Our design engineers work with you to manufacture custom foam inserts that protect your application against the harshest of conditions. Solid works is a design tool used by our engineers to intricately represent packaging solutions in a 3D format. Solid Works will communicate with the CNC machine to carve various materials such as polyethylene into the designated design. The CNC machine is adaptable and utilizes a blade or router to ensure smooth and clean cuts. The CNC blade works by making many precise incisions into a material with minimal debris, resulting in optimal clean lines. The CNC Router is capable of creating rounded shapes and multilevel indentations to perfectly hold your equipment. To ensure our custom foam inserts are the perfect fit we do everything in house at our warehouse in El Cajon. First Class Packaging is a Technical Packaging Dealer of Pelican-Hardigg cases, manufacturer of wood crates and a supplier of corrugated boxes.

First Class Packaging was acquired by Larson Packaging Company in July of 2020

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