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Beaded polyethylene foam packaging excels in many applications.


Choosing the type of foam packaging is an important design decision that can affect the performance, cost and aesthetics of product packaging. Beaded polyethylene foam (BPE) makes an excellent protective packaging because it has a soft surface, but is very rugged and firm. Consequently, BPE is frequently used for Class A surfaces such as medical equipment, semiconductor equipment, IT servers, automotive, robotics, and other instrumentation. BPE is used in heavy and fragile cushioning, impact and vibration dampening for crating, high end case interiors, electronics, industrial material handling,  automotive dunnage, finished part separators and many more applications.

DUNNAGE.jpgBeaded polyethylene foam outperforms other foams.

High strength to weight ratio. BPE is strong, so less material can be used compared to other common foams used in packaging. This results in a smaller overall pack size and a lighter pack – saving on shipping.

Resilient. BPE is able to spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed. BPE makes a great material for reusability such as cushioning inside an ATA case, and it has low creep.

Non-abrasiveBPE will protect the finished surface of your part without marring or scratching, preserving the presentation of your product.

Resistant to liquids. BPE is resistant to liquids such as water, oils and many chemicals. This may be an important consideration, if your packaging will be exposed to accidental spills or environmental considerations, such as cushioning for an ATA case.

Aesthetics. BPE has a great look and feel, and will make a great presentation when your product is unpackaged. It’s not as common as other foam and will differentiate your product from competitors.

RecyclableBPE is 100% recyclable and has a much lower carbon footprint impact than other packaging foams.

Not off-gassingBPE is completely inert and will not off-gas like some other foams. 

Cost effectiveThe square foot cost of BPE can be slightly more than other foams because the billets or planks are molded and not extruded. However, the total protection cost are typically lower when BPE is designed in because lower density or less material can be used to insure full protection of your products.

Work with your packaging partner to select the right foam for your application.

Selecting a packaging partner with knowledge and experience about the performance properties of various foams can improve your packaging. At Larson Packaging Company, our design team can help you identify the correct type, amount, and density of foam to ensure that your product will always arrive safely. 

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