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Achieve Optimal Custom Case Design

Over time, as a veteran custom case maker, I’ve discovered how to create a custom case design that best fits a client’s needs. The ingredients to a successful outcome may appear simple but actually require the to ability to listen, learn and cooperate with key people throughout the process. Some of the essential steps for a great custom case design include:

  • Opening a line of communication between your sales representative and your engineering and design team 

  • Creating a clear understanding of what your client needs and wants

  • Establishing a hierarchy of which design elements are most important to the client  

Your goal is to provide as much detailed information to the design team as possible, such as:

  • What product is being placed inside

  • The number of parts that need to be housed

  • The degree of protection required for the product

  • Expected use of the case (travel through airports, etc.) 

There’s No Set Formula 

Based on the information provided, the design team can begin to establish the possible options available and offer solutions. Since design options may vary depending upon what the client wants most – lift-off or hinged lid, certain wheel size or type, specific latches or corners, foam preference, need to stack, and type of exterior laminate – the more clearly these are defined and ranked, the greater the chance for an optimal result.


A key goal during the design process is for both the sales representative and the design and engineering team to gain increased knowledge and understanding of your unique item, how it will be accessed, and how it will be used, so they can personalize the case to best match your company. Details acquired in this initial setting will not only serve well for this order but will provide intelligence and direction for future orders. 

Get the Best Result Possible

It may be possible to acquire all the information needed in one visit or it may take longer depending on the complexity of the design and the number of people involved in the decision making process. What you can bank on is that this initial investment in time will ultimately result in a high quality case that will satisfy your client and establish a solid working relationship.

What’s more, this process of information gathering and problem solving is not necessarily limited to just what your client needs. Because you are building a custom case, you are also providing a forum for your client to imagine his “dream” case. Not limited by off-the-shelf solutions, you can open up a world of possibilities to your clients. Chances are if they can imagine it, you can find a way to make it. It may take a little longer, even cost a bit more, but creating a high quality custom case that is a perfect fit for your client’s business is more than worth it.  

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